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When you think of STIHL, you think of old-world care and concern – the handcrafted work of skilled artisans from times past. It is an attitude, a dedication to quality that has made STIHL power tools the most dependable on the market for over 70 years.

Along with STIHL’s commitment to achieving the ultimate in product performance and dependability comes a long history of distributing products exclusively through servicing dealers.

Astro Rents can also tell you where and how to use these products. Remember, any power tool, when used improperly, can be dangerous. Protective clothing, including protective glasses, should be worn when operating power tools. Be sure to read and follow the operating instructions in your owner’s manual.

In addition, we carry the following manufacturers:

  • Multi Quip-Plate Tampers, Jumpin Jacks, etc.
  • MI-T-M Pressure washers, etc.
  • Target Tile Saws, Road Saws, Diamond Blades, etc.
  • Whiteman Concrete & Mortar Mixers, etc.

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